Freedom Fences builds safe, secure enclosures for dogs living chained 24/7  in the Anderson, Pickens, and Oconee counties of South Carolina. We would love to help you give your dog a better life! We are sorry but we are unable to build enclosures for inside/outside dogs who simply need a place to run.

If you’re inquiring about a dog that is not your own, please email us the complete address (including zip code) and we will mail out literature.  Contact Us Here!

In order to qualify for a fence built by Freedom Fences, we need some information from you. All dogs must be spayed or neutered unless there is a medical reason (age/health) not to alter. If your dog is NOT spayed or neutered, this MUST be done before you submit a request. We will not review your application if you have not indicated an appointment date.  In Anderson, you can call 864-367-7220, the low cost spay/neuter clinic for an appt. Please enter your information below so we can contact you. Please indicate Anderson, Oconee, or Pickens county as well as your address. Note that the current waitlist is approximately three months and we will NOT be building in December.

You should expect to receive a call or email within two weeks from a FF volunteer.
Proof of financial hardship may be asked for (gov’t assistance, SSI, etc.)

Please read our F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) page before submitting an application.

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You may also mail a check to:

Freedom Fences
PO Box 2322, Anderson, SC 29622
(Main Branch / Wag Shack)

Oconee Branch
PO Box 973, West Union, SC 29696

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