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You may specify your donation to go towards helping unchain and rescue dogs in Anderson County by choosing this option.  You may also mail donations to Freedom Fences, PO Box 2322, Anderson, SC 29622

The Wag Shack is a shelter intervention program. We pull dogs from kill shelters that would otherwise not make it out.

You may specify your donation to go towards The Wag Shack by choosing this option.  You may also mail donations to our Anderson County Branch at Freedom Fences, PO Box 2322, Anderson, SC 29622

Last week we were supposed to be assisting a family with a mom and baby by taking them in. Because we were full at the Wag Shack we delayed this. We were being told that they were not feeling well. After encouraging them to go to the vet, they finally did only to test positive for Parvo. As you know Parvo is a deadly virus if not treated and often even with treatment dogs can succumb. Since last Thursday our wonderful vets have been treating the mom and little girl and Friday the little boy was brought in. They remain at the vet and the update this am is that they are holding their own which is AMAZING news. This bill is going to hurt but we are committed to helping these dogs! At this point we don't have an estimate of the cost for them but we expect no less than $2000.

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PO Box 2322, Anderson, SC 29622

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