The Wag Shack is a shelter intervention program. We pull dogs from kill shelters that would otherwise not make it out. They might be heartworm positive, have demodectic mange, broken limbs, or pregnant.  Every dog that we take in has age appropriate vaccines and has been temperament tested by the respective shelters. We have a policy that we do not take in strays for several reasons. First, taking in a dog with unknown health can be risky. Second, a strays temperament might not be known or we might not receive accurate information. We typically stay full and usually do not have any open spots to add dogs that we have not committed to. We are always looking for volunteers to take a shift at the Shack.  Morning shifts include feeding the dogs, refreshing water buckets, sweeping/mopping the kennels, and refreshing linens. PM shifts include scooping yards, refreshing water buckets, and feeding if needed.  Both shifts should offer lots of love! We also have a dog park for those that might like to come by and take a dog or two down for a play time! Volunteers should be 18 or accompanied by an adult. All volunteers must attend a training session and sign a waiver.

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become a sponsorA lot of dogs come through the Wag Shack and the goal is to heal, love, and socialize them so they are ready for their forever families. We work with several rescues as close by as Columbia and as far away as Vermont. The Wag Shack is key in helping keep the euthanasia rate down at our local shelters, if only in a small way. In order to keep the Wag Shack going though we need your help each month. We have a team of volunteers that come in daily but due to work schedules we are having to hire someone for a few AM shifts. In addition we have food, water bill,  and electric bill., It costs about $1300 a month just to keep things rolling as they should. And this doesn’t even include our veterinary costs! Our human friends here worry about making ends meet every month. Any little bit you can give can help them worry about money less, and spend more time cuddling me! We all win.

We would sure love to have your monthly support. It doesn’t need to cost a lot. We have several levels of giving that you might be interested in. Here’s what you get in return (other than lots of tail wags in gratitude from me!).

Top Dog - $100/month
A personalized thank you note from a Wag Shack pup, including their picture and story
Photo and accompanying story about a Wag Shack pup you helped save (sent to you three times per year)
2 Freedom Fences t-shirts
Recognition on our website and on our Facebook page

Furrific Friend - $75/month 
Picture of a Wag Shack pup and their story (sent to you three times a year)
Freedom Fences t-shirt
Recognition on our Facebook page

Milkbone - $50/month
Picture of a Wag Shack pup and their story (sent to you twice a year)
Freedom Fences t-shirt
Recognition on our Facebook page

Wagalicious Pal - $25/month
Picture of a Wag Shack pup and their story (sent to you once a year)
Freedom Fences t-shirt

Kibbler - $10/month 
Freedom Fences t-shirt

Donator’s choice - where you choose your own amount!

If you pay using our website (www.freedomfences,org you can specify a monthly donation, so it can come out automatically. We have so many followers that I know if a few of you set up a monthly donation, it will add up to a lot. You can also send a check each month to P.O. Box 2322, Anderson, SC 29625. Thanks so much for your help!